Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Better late than never, I always say. I know it's been over two months since I hosted an artist talk with The Living Room's artist-in-residence, Antoni Abad. Needless to say, all went the well. The sunset was beautiful - as usual. The beers were Dutch - though not as in it was imported from Amsterdam, but as in people brought their own. And the artist, like most Catalans, was polite, open and amiable (photo above of the artist, in pink shirt, shaking hands with guest).
So after guests snacked on peanuts and cheese, guests were given collaterals about Antoni's oeuvre to read, stickers to play with (above), and the website zexe.net to surf through (below), before Antoni and I sat down to have an hour long conversation about his creative processes and his experiences in Manila.

The topics we discussed ranged from international geopolitics, the emerging call center industry in the Philippines, GSM cell phone technology, the secret lives of call center agents, and naturally, the contemporary art scene in Manila.
Throughout the evening, nobody drank too much and puked, asked inappropriate questions about politics and/or religion, or stole anything from the bathrooms of the gallery. All in all, the event could be considered a successful, if not peaceful, event. The crowd broke up at around eight thirty in the evening to dine at separate locations. Some went to the Jumbo by Manila Bay, others retired to ever consistent artsy bar, Cafe 604 (Penguin) for beers and panini sandwiches.

I hope tomorrow's art talk with the current artist in residence, Jennifer Wofford, would go just as smoothly. Thanks a million, At Maculangan (above with camera) and Katya for all the help and the photos of the talk.

PS. Tomorrow is Manila Day. Please note that Roxas Boulevard will be closed from three in the afternoon until midnight. If driving, use Taft Avenue and Quirino or use public transportation if possible.

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