Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Have you met Biomodd?

Cool eh?

It's a self-sustaining ecosystem, a video game, and a collaborative work of art. Biomodd is the brainchild of Angelo Vermeulen and is currently being produced by Diego Maranan in cooperation with University of the Philippines Open University. Biomodd Los Banos (LBA2) is the second one to be built in the world, the first being constructed at the Ohio University College of Fine Arts (video above). Currently under construction at the UPOU campus in Los Banos, Biomodd plans to be shown at the National Museum of the Filipino People in September/October of 2009. And since it's a collaborative effort, the more the merrier of course. They need all sorts of people to source out all sorts of donated computer parts and geek stuff. So learn more about them here and get involved in the creation of this crazy contraption that crossses the line between art and science. www.biomodd.net.
And good art does not come cheap. So make sure to attend the BIOMODD SUMMER PARTY Fundraiser this April 17, 10PM at Cafe M in front of Ayala Museum in Makati. You can buy uber cool Biomodd shirts by Playground, swig down signature drinks sponsored by VuQo Vodka and Haliya Fruit Wines, as Angelo himself deejays.

Or hey, just send them cash and other donations through this page.

Angelo Vermeulen is a resident at The Living Room Malate. Biomodd was a nominee for the Ars Electronica Hybrid Art Prix in 2008. Read more about Angelo on his site here.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


After years of planning, Kapisanan Philippine Art Center and The Living Room/Walk This Way Productions proudly present Kilusan, an art exchange program that hopes to bring the Filipino Canadian art community closer to home.
So ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce three artists from the academy: Tiffany Naval (above), Jen Maramba (middle) and Ilona Fiddy (below Jen). My name is Bosley - I mean, Charlie, I mean, Carlos - and along with photographer Alex Felipe (not pictured) and Jeff Garcia (bottom), we will bring you "Toronto Meet Manila, Manila Meet Toronto", an art exchange program that shall culminate in an exhibition at Rolly's Garage Art Space in Toronto this May 2009.

Learn more about them and their thoughts through their blogs here:



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