Monday, November 13, 2006


Yeah, I know. This is a late post. The Domina Jane Die Talk was three weeks ago, you don't have to tell me. It's (? - did I use the apostrophe right?) just that things have been pretty crazy lately and I haven't found any time to update this blog at all. What with all the tours and last minute errands that need to be done before I leave for my RISD college reunion at the end of the month. God save me from the pressure of meeting up with old faces and mentors from my past. I hope I don't end up pretending that I founded Google or invented Post-its like the girls in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion just to deal with the anxiety. One of my former classmates in the Illustration department created Family Guy, for crying out loud. Ten years later, I'm still just a half insane performance artist haunting the halls of inner city Manila earning an income that - although admittedly pays the cell phone bills, still renders me unable to buy seafront property or branded luxury goods.

But I digress.

Needless to say, Domina Jane Die was divine and the evening was a smashing success. It was also the best-attended non-food related event held at the space with around forty (40) people showing up at the door. (Yes, I know, I went past the published thirty person limit. So sue me.) While waiting, the fermented agave flowed freely (thanks to Philip of 1800 Tequila) while Japanese Bondage movies were projected on the walls (thanks to the equipment loaned by Geiser/Maclang). At around 9:30PM, the show was ready to get on the road. The mistress was ready for her audience.

And if you expect this post to be a sordid account of sexual deviancy in wild abandon, you have a lot more to learn from Domina Jane Die. If I had to choose words to describe the evening, these would be it: meditative, informative, enlightening, and professional. "Sexual" would really be last on the list - if on the list at all. That night, Ms. Jane Die discussed issues of power, subjugation, and personal fullfillment, and took us all on a ride through the road map of fetishes (ever heard of furverts, pony play and messy fun?), before getting down to some good ol' audience participation flogging/bondage (below). People were so taken in by the charms and philosophies of Domina Jane Die that one of the ad folks who attended (and there were quite a few ad folks in the audience - you know who you are...) even recommended that she expand/restructure her lecture into a "team building exercise" weekend for corporate employees. Now that's an idea if ever I heard one.
Read more about Domina Jane Die in upcoming issues Fudge and FHM Magazine.

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